Financial Wellness Program

Employee Financial Wellness can foster a workforce of healthier, happier, and more productive employees. We have spent decades developing a comprehensive Financial Wellness Program that leverages behavioral economics research and combines innovative technology with personalized information to assist employees in achieving more successful financial outcomes. The program engages employees directly and offers tools and resources to help guide them towards a more secure financial future. The components of My Wealth Plan’s Financial Wellness Program include, but are not limited to:

  • Personal Financial Portal

  • Personalized Technology with 24/7 Access

  • Online Education Center

  • Monthly Financial Wellness Newsletter

  • Quarterly Educational Videos

  • Employer-Driven Deliverables Available

  • Discounted Access to MWP Professional Alliance Network (CPA’s, Financial Planners, Attys, etc.)

Personal Financial Portal

MWP’s Personal Financial Portal (PFP) offers employees a simple and secure online location where they can:

Employer Benefits

Our unbiased benefit program can not only foster a more productive workforce, but can provide a substantial ROI for your company. As a workplace benefit to all employees, our Financial Wellness Program is tax-deductible and a tax-exempt fringe benefit. Since MWP does not serve as an advisor, you and your employees are uniquely situated to work with any advisors, professionals or platforms without a conflict of interest. The portability of the program allows for you or your employees to switch or add any professional relationships without losing functionality.

* Please consult with your CPA or tax advisor for your specific situation.

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